A spokesperson for Facebook has confirmed that users’ News Feeds will now prioritise images of what you would look like as the opposite sex over every single other piece of fucking content out there.

The policy was confirmed by network founder Mark Zuckerberg in a speech in San Francisco today.

He said, ‘We have conducted an extensive amount of research in this area, and concluded that approximately 100% of our user base value low-level transphobia over everything else – local news, lost cats, everything really.’

‘After checking with experts in the field, we have also learnt that the low-level transphobia is absolutely fine because it’s just a joke, innit.’

In a separate development, the NHS has announced that 10,000 trained psychotherapists are due to be laid off across the UK because of the accuracy of Facebook apps that work out ‘What Personality Are You?’

‘This is in spite of a recent glitch where anyone whose profile picture includes a Volvo was simply given a result of ‘twat.’