A spokesperson for Facebook has confirmed that all of the posts about needing to cut and paste a message so that you can see more than 26 friends in your news feed are 100% legitimate and genuine.

He said, ‘It’s all true. We have a team of 75,000 people working around the clock in eight-hour shifts trying to determine everyone’s chosen 26 people.’

‘However, in addition to that, we have another 10,000 people working flat out to detect all of the people copying and pasting a declaration so that we know they are exempt from the new algorithm changes.’

‘Anyone commenting ‘hello’ or pasting a sticker onto these statuses will also be added to the list.’

Social media user Michelle Garridge told us that it was ‘a disgrace.’

She added, ‘I have 1,347 friends on Facebook, and I am literally a gnat’s cock away from deleting 1,322 of them.’

‘Thank God that someone has posted a workaround. It’s been a terrible week for me.’

‘Just the other day, a hooded teenager forced me to withdraw £200 from an ATM, and no matter how many times I entered my PIN number backwards there was no immediate police presence.’