Hundreds of Facebook users have been ‘fascinated and engaged beyond belief’ this evening after a woman announced that she was going to bed.

Shortly before 9pm on Friday, Southend mum-of-three Natasha Plimsoll-Pampas posted that she was ‘going to bed’ on Facebook, and within a matter of seconds a furious frenzy of interest and amazement was sent her way.

Millie Skiddlenut said, ‘Sweet dreams Hun PM me babes,’ while another user going by the name of ‘Becky Beckytits Thomas’ simply replied with ‘wow you’re beautiful babex xoxoxoxozo.’

We spoke to her close friend Nikki, and she said: ‘I just saw her announcement and I was in bits.’

‘I know that she says the same thing every night, but it never gets old. Sometimes she even adds a photo of a kitten.’

‘She made it extra special tonight by adding the hashtag #sweetdreams.’

‘Her posts are set to ‘friends only,’ but that’s fine as I am sure that her friends are feverishly searching for that exact hashtag on a regular basis.’

‘If she doesn’t update her status when she wakes up in the morning I swear to Christ that I will lose my shit.’

‘She probably has one of those wallpaper murals in her living room that says something like ‘Love lots, laugh lots, live lots.’

‘I hope that she sticks a photo of it online one day so I can be inspired by it.’

David Fistington has been friends with Natasha for three years, and he told our Chief Reporter that he is still waiting for one ‘bedtime announcement’ to be accompanied by a pyjama photo.

He added: ‘She’s either a cock-tease or an attention-seeking moron.’