Facebook users around the world were left without access to the social media network for over an hour on Tuesday evening after a mum posted in a mums group to see if anyone made cakes.

Shortly before 6pm, Shanikwaaa Hamlyn-Tamlyn posted in Southend Mumgasm to see if there was anyone in the area who made cakes, and the resulting flurry of comments brought Facebook’s entire global infrastructure to a grinding halt.

It took 74 minutes to bring Facebook back online.

Facebook’s Director of Resiliency told Southend News Network that it was ‘manic for a while.’

He added: ‘Around 135 million people all tried to comment on the post simultaneously, and this ended up blowing an entire cluster of servers in San Francisco.’

‘Our researchers have now confirmed that everyone who is female and on Facebook is working as a home-based cake maker – our recommendation tool was never designed for that sort of spike.’

Jessica Sheen makes cakes from her Southend home, and she trades online with her page called ‘Jessica’s Cakes and Biscits for Parties Sell.’

She said: ‘I set up from home as you don’t need any qualifications and hygiene certificates if you only trade on Facebook.’

‘Most of my customers are very satisfied, and I also like being able to block the angry ones.’

‘We have a very strict grievance procedure in place. The group admin is my cousin’s sister-in-law’s mate anyway so anyone who gets aggy just gets banned.’

‘My husband is a member of all the local groups as he is an electrician and he does driveways and varicose vein surgery as well.’