The administrator of a parenting Facebook group has been telling Southend News Network about how she was devastated to discover that you can’t turn comments off during a real life argument with actual people. 

Michelle Garridge runs South Essex Mummery, and she told our Chief Reporter that an argument with a fellow mother in the town centre this morning has left her feeling ‘shaken and upset’ after she was unable to just tap her fingers and stop her talking.

She said, ‘I was standing at the bus stop with my daughter in a push chair, and because it was raining loads of other people were trying to get under the shelter with me.’

’Another mum came along and tried to do the same thing, but I politely told her that there was no more room as I wasn’t prepared to move my Primark bag into the rain and potentially damage £4 worth of muslin squares.’

’When she told me that I was being unreasonable, and that I should be more considerate towards other people, I lifted my finger up and tapped my iPhone screen – she just asked me what the hell I was doing.’

’I was shocked that she was able to just carry on telling me that I was being a selfish bitch.’

’Usually when people start arguing with me or try to put a different point of view across I can just turn off commenting and go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and cackle to myself about being the all-powerful universal arbiter for all forms of discussion.’

’Out of sheer desperation I tried banning her from the bus stop and quickly telling all of my fellow bus stop users not to talk to her anymore or they would get banned as well, but she just barged her pushchair under the shelter and tore my Primark bag.’

’I’ll just have to start carrying a gun or something.’