A spokesperson for Facebook has confirmed that Tommy Robinson’s removed Facebook page and his one million followers will be donated to a charity that helps refugees settle into the United Kingdom.

The social media network’s Head of European Engagement Pauline Van Der Golding told a press conference that the gesture could generate more than £1m every year for the Welcome Over Here initiative.

She added, ‘We believe that something good should come out of this, and so we are delighted to be giving more than one million Facebook followers the chance to find out more about the struggle that many refugees have when they arrive in the United Kingdom.’

‘Naturally every follower will have the ‘first in News Feed’ option checked by default and greyed out so they can’t unfollow or switch it off.’

‘This is just one small part of our corporate and social responsibility initiative.’

This isn’t the first time that the online giant has made this kind of gesture. Shortly after the closure of the Britain First Facebook page in March 2018, their two million followers were donated to The Diane Abbott Appreciation Society.