Facebook has now decided to unban Southend News Network from their main publishing platform Instant Articles after months of emails and God knows what else, which means we can finally get back to bringing you some of the Internet’s finest fake news and satire.

Back in March, Facebook slapped us with a ban for ‘sharing fake news,’ even though we are a fake news Facebook page – imagine that.

However, after we constantly pointed out this simple fact to Facebook, it now seems that the penny has finally dropped that a page that primarily deals in fake news will generally tend to share fake news.

It is the equivalent of PC World being fined for selling PCs, which to be fair would actually do the IT industry a lot of good.

But anyway, thanks for your patience. Before you all jump in and ask why we didn’t just publish content away from Instant Articles in the meantime, the answer is simple – any Facebook page that is under any sort of penalty may as well just give up. Our reach in Facebook’s News Feed would have been pounded harder than Mia Khalifa on a Friday night.

Nothing seems to have changed in the meantime anyway. Lewis Capaldi seems to be everywhere, and the only other stuff that seems to be cropping up all over place are the good old fashioned racial hatred and ‘I’m looking for ten friends who want to loose ten pounds’ crap.

Normal service will now be resumed, until we get our next ban anyway.