A spokesperson for Facebook has confirmed that ‘People You May Know’ will soon be renamed ‘Bastards Who Have Unfriended You.’

According to social media experts, the feature will be aimed at people who forget that you also have to block someone in order to vanish off the face of the planet.

Their spokesperson said, ‘When you use the app on your smartphone, it’s like the Generation Game, except instead of a cuddly toy and a dinner service it’s a procession of Facebookers who don’t want to be your friend anymore.’

‘This is usually because you told them that their meme about Jeremy Corbyn sharing a beetroot and goat’s cheese calzone with Colonel Gaddafi in 1975 was ‘factually inaccurate.’

However, the plans have been met with criticism from many users of the social media network who feel that the feature should actually be renamed ‘People You Don’t Know But F*cking Hell Bet You Wish You Did Look At The Melons On That Wouldn’t Kick Her Out Of Bed.’

Southend-based Facebooker Dave Crunge said, ‘It’s my favourite way to pass the time of an evening.’

‘It’s got a bit harder though lately because ever since I followed Leave.EU all I seem to get are pictures of men in their 50’s holding fish.’