A family from Southend On Sea has been telling Southend News Network that their Christmas has been RUINED after their beloved boxer Barry suffered multiple injuries trying to copy the new John Lewis Christmas advert. In the commercial, a similar dog called Buster cannot wait to try a new trampoline in the back garden, but for Barry the consequences were almost fatal.

Owners Des and Michelle Springett of Fairfax Drive told our Chief Reporter that they were ‘preparing themselves for the worst’ after taking Barry to their local vet yesterday. Des said: ‘Our daughter Natasha has a trampoline in the garden, and Barry has never even given it a second look before. However, we were all watching the adverts during Coronation Street on Wednesday evening, and suddenly the John Lewis commercial came on.’

‘As soon as it had finished, Barry ran straight out into the garden and jumped onto the trampoline. I was a little bit worried as part of the net enclosure is currently missing, but he seemed happy enough so I left him to it.’

‘Unfortunately, Barry must have decided to get a little bit more adventurous on there, and when I returned to the garden to check on him I saw that he had climbed onto the top of our garage roof. Before I could get him down, he had jumped from this great height onto the trampoline and flown straight off the other side and over the garden fence.’

‘If my neighbour’s greenhouse hadn’t have been there to break his fall, we would have definitely been dealing with a fatality. As it happens, Barry destroyed the greenhouse completely, and there were some prize-winning marrows in there as well that are only good for soup now.’

‘We rushed him to the vet and he had multiple fractures in his neck and legs. Luckily I have incredibly comprehensive pet insurance, and they are also assisting me in legal proceedings against John Lewis.’

We asked Mr Springett for more information about how he intends to hold the nationwide retailer to account, and he made it clear that he was only able to give limited details at the present time.

He added: ‘As a responsible retailer, the advertising executives at John Lewis need to realise that impressionable animals will always be exposed to whatever they broadcast on TV and social media. Last year was a far better example as nobody would ever consider trying to go to the moon, but in my opinion their chosen advert with Buster the Boxer was downright reckless and irresponsible.’

‘According to the vet, Barry was also encouraged by seeing all of the woodland animals on the trampoline in the advert. Any expert in canine psychology will tell you that the advert portrays the humble garden trampoline as some sort of bouncy holding pen for little furry critters that dogs will love to chase for fun.’