Major computer retailers are warning computer buyers to consider their choice of antivirus software very carefully after it emerged that a house in Milton Lane, Southend BURNED DOWN last night. Fire investigators have confirmed that the blaze was started by a laptop that was only using the free antivirus software that comes bundled with Windows 10, and in a shocking development the computer’s owner has admitted that she turned down the chance to buy Norton Gargantuan Internet Security for only £49.99 when she purchased it last week. 

Mum of three Chloe Sparkton, 31, admitted to Southend News Network that she is just thankful that she managed to escape the inferno unharmed with Charlton, 9, Reginald, 7 and Tobias, 3. She said: ‘When I went into Computer Planet last week to buy a new laptop, the guy who served me grew more and more frustrated when it became clear that I was only interested in buying the laptop – no accessories, no software, no protection plan. He asked if I wanted an antivirus, and I politely informed him that I would just use the bundled Windows Defender or AVG Free. At this point, he took me to one side and warned me that the consequences of using free antivirus products can be devastating, and now I realise that he was correct.’

Ms Sparkton continued: ‘Once we have settled into our new home, I will go straight back and get another laptop with a paid antivirus product installed on there – I may even buy a license for McAfee as an extra precaution as you can’t put a price on your family’s safety.’

A spokesperson for Computer Planet confirmed: ‘We are very sorry for the trauma that Ms Sparkton has been through, but it proves that using free antivirus software can be fatal to both your laptop and your family. Only last week, a customer in Yorkshire installed Avast Free and then came home one day to find his laptop attacking his wife with a meat cleaver. We are currently changing our laptop sales policy to make paid antivirus software a compulsory add-on – we cannot stand by and watch our valued customers suffer in this way.’