A family that booked a holiday at a shithole holiday camp have admitted that they were ‘shocked’ to discover that it was a shithole. 

Michelle Fuch-Weet paid £2,000 for a week’s stay at the Perineum Bay Holiday Park in Dorset.

However, shortly after arriving with her husband Barry and their two children Coccyx and Pelvis, she was ‘appalled’ at the conditions on site.

She was so appalled at the shithole-like conditions of the shithole that she went straight to the press to tell them about how much of a shithole it was, in spite of all the advance warnings that it might be a shithole.

A Facebook post with photos of the shitholeness of it all has had more than 10,000 shares from other people who can’t believe that a known shithole can be so shit.

Mrs Fuch-Weet added, ‘If only there was some sort of warning on the website before you booked, like a photo of a piss-stained amusement arcade full of bug-eyed children with cold, lifeless stares in a state of perpetual Fruit Shoot overload while their parents in the showbar knock back enough units of alcohol to take down a blue whale.’

’I will have to think very carefully about booking a stay at this site in the future.’