It has been revealed that Nigel Farage’s planned Brexit March from Sunderland to London will include multiple opportunities for participants to point at interesting seagulls in the sky while simultaneously scratching their moustache with the other hand.

A source added that marchers will also be encouraged to synchronise their leg movements to ensure that the march has the greatest possible effect.

He said, ‘Because of the distance that will be involved, everyone who is marching should consider completely outstretching each leg one at a time to avoid joint damage – this is easily achievable even whilst pointing at seagulls and scratching one’s moustache at the same time with the other hand.’

‘The United Kingdom is home to more than 3000 different species of seagulls, and so this march really will be a unique chance to combine ornithology with patriotism.’

‘There will also be plenty of motivational speakers along the way to keep morale nice and high. For example, truck drivers will drive slowly alongside everyone who is marching while screaming incoherent diatribes that have been composed with very little research.’

We asked him what the £50 entry fee will cover.

He said, ‘We have developed a striking dark grey uniform that is both smart and comfortable, along with special red armbands that will contain their medical information in the event that they hit 2 mph and suffer an aneurysm.’