A mum from Southend On Sea has vowed to take her case to trading standards after she discovered that a bag of peanuts may contain nuts. 

Anna Flactic of Fairfax Drive told our Chief Reporter that she was ‘outraged to the point of violence’ after buying a bag of Tesco salted peanuts on Boxing Day. 

She said: ‘What sort of world do we live in where you can’t even buy a bag of peanuts without being exposed to nuts.’

‘Apparently they are even packaged up in an environment where nuts are handled. My son is allergic to nuts and it’s disgraceful that Tesco are acting in such a careless manner.’

‘Can’t they just deal with every individual peanut in its own factory, before somehow bringing them all together at a central peanut distribution point.’

‘I’ve already bought seventeen bags in the last month on the off-chance that one of them may not contain nuts, but I’ve had no luck so far.’

‘Apparently a bag of prawns can contain seafood now as well. Is there no end to this constant corner-cutting just to make a bit of extra profit.’

Miss Flactic has started an awareness campaign to ensure that mums can educate themselves about the dangers of nuts that are sneakily hiding themselves away in bags of peanuts. 

‘Nut On My Watch’ will shortly be touring the country and spreading the overall message that packaged food can often contain the item that is described on the label.