Friends and family of a 23-year-old woman from Southend On Sea in Essex have made a public appeal for help after she was radicalised by a local group of diet supplement sales reps.

The South-East Essex office of PREVENT first raised the alarm on Saturday morning after their Facebook monitoring software detected that Michelle Garridge, a single mum from Fairfax Drive, posted 20 messages in a row showing questionable before and after results – five of the ladies were even referred to as ‘beauts.’

Michelle’s mum Jett made a passionate appeal for help in a press conference at the headquarters of Essex Police in Chelmsford.

She said: ‘I first noticed the warning signs a few weeks ago when everything Michelle posted on Facebook had the hashtag #mummybossbabe after it – even the stuff about watching Love Island or photos of puppies.’

‘I went to her house for lunch and she gave me a few capsules before announcing excitedly that there were 45 different fruits and vegetables in them.’

‘I called the radicalisation Taskforce later that evening when she posted that she was looking for ten women who want to loose a stone before summer.’

‘Spelling that poor could only be a result of extreme brainwashing.’

Det. Supt. Ian Tendent told the press that there are now growing concerns for Michelle’s safety.

He said: ‘Our latest intelligence shows that she may have fled Southend to go to a reps conference in Birmingham.’

‘We have also found evidence that she has got involved in the recruitment sign of things – she was spotted at a training camp in an urban spa in Leigh On Sea.’