The close family of a 31-year-old mum from Essex have been describing their horror after she was radicalised by the PTA of her children’s school.

According to Michelle Garridge’s husband Texaco, the warning signs began to appear a few weeks ago when she ‘started disappearing in the middle of the afternoon and returning to their home smelling of Jacob’s Creek and Pringles.’

We have also heard from witnesses who have confirmed that Mrs Garridge was spotted stripping local children of their school uniform at gunpoint and then telling her divisional commander that the items were donated for the second hand sale.

The family have waived their right to anonymity in the hope that their story will inspire others to seek help when they suspect that radicalisation has taken place.

Texaco said:

I want to share this story with you because if it saves just one life, it will all be worthwhile.

Yesterday, I discovered that my wife had been brainwashed over WhatsApp before joining an extremist organisation. It’s completely devastated her family, but she is finally getting the help that she needs.

It turns out that she had been radicalised by her school’s PTA. Please learn to spot the warning signs – early intervention can make a massive difference.

– Are they spending excessive amounts of time in WhatsApp groups, regularly discussing both fundraising and why the Year Three teacher definitely won’t find a man until she gets something done about her bowl cut as it looks like her mum did it?

– Do they keep encouraging you to help them launder millions of pounds through raffle tickets?

– Have they recently started wearing activewear and driving an Audi?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please contact your nearest Counter Extremism Unit. Details are on Google.