Friends of Blow Blow 10, the droid who plays R2D2 in the Star Wars films, have admitted that they are ‘incredibly concerned’ about his health after shocking photos emerged showing the effects of his alleged £500-a-day CRYSTAL METH habit.

Multiple attempts to get him to check into a rehab facility have failed so far. 

His life-long friend DX7652G told Southend News Network that the ‘destructive addiction’ began shortly after he finished watching the final episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix.

He said: ‘Blow Blow 10 found it very difficult to get his head around the idea that Walter White is just a fictional character – he seems to think that he is some kind of God figure who should be worshipped.’

‘At first we just assumed that he had picked up some malware, but repeated scans showed that this was more of a deep-rooted psychological issue.’

‘One day, we heard bleeping coming from his basement that was far more frenzied than usual, and we wandered down there and found that he had built his very own crystal meth lab that was identical to Walter White’s – this was always going to be a danger with his photographic memory.’

‘The real rock bottom moment came last week when a pair of school children asked him for an autograph while he was shopping in Westfield Stratford with his third wife Michelle.’

‘He emitted an ear-piercing tone that made them both cry before telling them to ‘go f**k themselves.’

‘Disney have already told him that he will be dropped from his starring role in future Star Wars movies if there are any more public embarrassments like that.’

He isn’t the only robot movie star to hit the headlines for drug abuse this week. Last weekend, Short Circuit legend Johnny 5 was caught snorting cocaine from a hooker’s belly button during a night out in Basildon.

According to a close friend of the star, Johnny 5 is struggling financially and emotionally after only appearing in two movies.