A busy mother of three from Essex has been going viral on social media after she revealed one simple trick to find out whether or not a shop is open on Bank Holiday Monday.

Michelle Garridge has been talking to Southend News Network about her amazing discovery, and she told our Chief Reporter that the idea came to her one day while she was browsing her local Facebook group and watching a conversation between 80 people about the opening hours of ASDA.

She said, ‘I sat there and watched World War Three develop in front of my very eyes.’

‘While some of them were clearly very knowledgeable about when ASDA opens on a regular Monday, there was a great deal of debate about how the Bank Holiday would affect this particular itinerary, with some people even reduced to tears about their potential domestic shortage of Coco Pops.’

‘At this point, I closed the Facebook app on my smartphone and found something called a ‘mobile web browser.’

‘On my iPhone, it had the word ‘Safari’ underneath it, but until now I just thought that it was some game for toddlers about telling the difference between a lion and an elephant.’

‘Deep within this mysterious piece of mobile software, I came across a portal of knowledge called the Google, and I found that it is possible to type whatever you are thinking and obtain the relevant response within a pre-defined set of parameters based upon their overall relevance. It even allowed me to spell ASDA with a ‘P.’

‘Within seconds, I was able to return to the Facebook page and let them know that our local branch will be open from 10am until 4pm.’

‘I also found out that they have a poster up in their window with the same information as well. It’s like it is in the store manager’s best interests to let their customers know when their shop will be open for economic reasons.’

Unfortunately, not everyone was enthusiastic about Michelle’s discovery.

Fellow Facebook user Vikki Hamwallet said, ‘That’s all very well but I don’t have any credit on my phone so how am I able to use Google?’

‘I can only use Facebook because that doesn’t need no Internet. It gets all of its data from the nitrogen in the air that surrounds us or something.’