A doctor at a leading maternity hospital have revealed that there is one simple trick that will allow anyone to instantly find out the gender of their newborn baby.

This revelation could help parents all over the world who are often forced to wait until their child’s 18th birthday before completing their birth certificate correctly.

Dr Marvin Poppout from the University Of Paglesham told our Chief Reporter that it takes ‘one brief look’ at the infant’s groin area, as long as you know what you are looking out for.

He added: ‘Before the midwives help you to shove a nappy on for the first time, have a look between the baby’s legs.’

’If you see a miniature cock and balls, then past research dictates that you can assume that your child is a boy with about 99.4% accuracy.’

’On the other hand, if you can only see a mini foofoo without a frank and beans, then you are probably dealing with a female of the species.’

’If you are in any doubt, consult a trained medical professional before giving your newborn a white babygro because you’re all new age and shit.’

Mum of one Penelope Fuch-Weet, who lives with her child Lesley-Leslie in Leigh On Sea, told Southend News Network that this research would have been ‘priceless’ at the birth of her child 15 years ago.

She said: ‘Because this information simply wasn’t available when Lesley-Leslie was born, we have been forced to live in limbo until Lesley-Leslie’s 18th birthday.’

’Fucking NHS.’

In a speech on Saturday, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that £500m has been ringfenced to provide every maternity unit in Britain with a gender spotter.

He said: ‘This funding will ensure that all spotters can complete their post-grad studies in Wienerology before taking up their post.’