The TV star Fiona Bruce has revealed how she gets through filming an entire episode of Antiques Roadshow on the BBC.

According to Bruce, she feels revitalised after taking a ‘good hearty sniff’ of her favourite hand cream that is a combination of aloe vera, jojoba and passion fruit extract.

She said, ‘Just before the cameras start rolling, I try to inhale for around five seconds, and the resulting boost gives me just the kick I need to carry on.’

‘When you spend all day dealing with people who think that their £7 Woolworths teapot is a genuine Da Vinci, you need all the help that you can get, believe me.’

‘Some of these guys are actually older than the ancient relics that they turn up with.’

‘After that, you then get the people who get their stuff valued, and then head to the door where they think someone is waiting with a table full of cash to finalise the deal.’

‘They all seem to think it is some sort of geriatric Cash Converters.’