The first successful launch of a BMW into orbit has ended in disaster after the driver failed to indicate and caused a six-vehicle pile up.

According to a report from the Intergalactic News Agency, the driver of the German-made vehicle Hans Keine-Looke was approaching a T-junction while browsing for neon strip lights on eBay on his iPhone and proceeded to just turn right without indicating first.

Traffic was already heavy in the area as the annual Vintage Thermometer Exhibition starts this weekend on Mercury.

A local Police creature said, ‘A number of drivers have been taken to hospital as a precaution, including the Mayor of Gargalon whose pod was caught up in the incident.’

‘We have impounded the vehicle and arrested the driver while our enquiries continue, and in our own laboratory we have tested the BMW’s indicator mechanism extensively.’

‘Our forensics team has concluded that it works perfectly in zero gravity conditions.’

‘The driver would have had his wits about him at all times as there was plenty of oxygen being provided by his space suit, so we have to assume that he was probably just deprived of oxygen at the moment when he made the decision to purchase a BMW.’

‘We cannot give any further details about the investigation at this time.’

It has been a difficult week for the space exploration industry after it was reported that the first ever space test of a Hyundai i10 led to a 34-mile tailback because the driver refused to cruise at more than five miles per hour.

Witnesses in the area at the time even said that an asteroid that was bound for Earth abandoned its original course after seeing a sticker that said ‘Please leave five metres clear behind this vehicle at all times as I am really shit at getting out of tight spaces.’