The first images have been released of Donald Trump’s new Space Force.

The military unit was brought into service one week ago when the US president allocated $160m in funding, and sources within the force have confirmed that there has already been at least one call into action.

One insider said, ‘Mr President called a few days ago and said that he had only decided to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement because he intended to steal all of the clean air from another planet in the solar system and use it in the United States’ atmosphere.’

‘Unfortunately, we scoured the galaxy and were unable to find any other planets with breathable air.’

‘There have been some glitches with our tech as well. The president visited us for a progress report on our latest technological advances, an a malfunctioning transportation device resulted in his arse flipping around to the front.’

Concerns about the Space Force have also been raised by the US aerospace industry after The White House invited interested parties to tender for a contract to build the world’s first-ever spacecraft that is capable of travelling at ‘ludicrous speed.’

A tweet from Boeing confirmed that modern engines are only capable of travelling at ‘ridiculous speed’ or lower.