A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that five Anglo-Saxon soldiers from the Battle of Hastings in 1066 are to face charges of murder.

According to government sources, the charges have been brought about after prosecutors closely studied the Bayeux Tapestry and noticed a number of ‘atrocities.’

One source said, ‘If you look at the tapestry very closely, you can clearly make out five members of King Harold’s infantry who are killing Normans that were not directly involved in fighting.’

‘We have contacted experts about this, and they were clearly present for laundry and catering purposes – such auxiliary personnel are not ‘fair game.’

‘As far as our legal representatives are concerned, the Geneva Convention can be applied retrospectively, and therefore we will shortly be contacting descendants of the five soldiers involved to demand their attendance in court.’

The names of the soldiers concerned were read out at a preliminary hearing at the Old Bailey on Wednesday afternoon.

Court documents stated their names as Eric The Red, Dave The Blue, Gordon Of Bennett, Baldrick The Brave and Roger.

Many insiders believe that this will act as a ‘test case’ before expanding Operation Ferret to include The Battle of Stamford Bridge, The War Of The Roses and The Red Wedding.