Scientists are currently rushing to a location due South of Australia after a photographer managed to capture a stunning shot of the previously-unseen perimeter ice wall that many believe proves that the Earth is actually flat. 

Nathan Chapeau-Tin was on a flight from Sydney to Wellington, New Zealand that was forced to divert across the Antarctic due to adverse weather conditions, when suddenly he spotted the wall.

Fortunately he was able to grab his camera in time for the breathtaking shot.

He said: ‘As soon as I landed in New Zealand, i sent the image straight over to some friends at the University of South East Essex.’

‘They are now preparing a lecture tour that they believe will solve that age-old question once and for all about the Earth’s true shape.’

Professor Cyril Sneerage of the USEE added: ‘I have been championing the Flat Earth Theory for more than 50 years, and finally hard evidence has surfaced to prove once and for all that I am not some sort of whack job!’

‘The situation is clear. The Earth is clearly a large expanse of flat land and sea, with all of the world’s water held in at the edges by a huge wall of ice.’

‘If we really are on a 1000 mph spinning ball, surely we would all feel a bit dizzy. 2017 society is empowered to question everything, so it’s time that we stopped all of the spoon feeding about the great spherical deception.’

Some critics have come forward and called the theory rubbish, with one Facebook user commenting, ‘How can the Earth be flat? I have been to the Pyramids and they are all pointy.’