An EasyJet flight from London Southend Airport has been forced to make an emergency landing because of a bird strike this afternoon.

Flight EZY88888 to Fwengaboyza took off as scheduled at 1640 in the direction of the A127, but passengers reported hearing a loud bang just before the aircraft left the ground.

Witnesses on the ground said that they saw the Airbus A319 hit a well known local bird called Big Brenda who was carrying two bags of groceries after visiting Tesco.

One source said, ‘It was horrible. She was sucked into one of the engines and thankfully she had so much fake tan on that she slipped through and fell out the other side.’

‘I could hear her screaming, ‘Watch where you’re flying that fucking thing you blind c**t!,’ while being completely unaware that she had in fact wandered onto the runway.’

‘She was using Tinder at the time and didn’t realise that she had walked through a gap in the hedge.’

An EasyJet spokesperson said that the aircraft had landed safely at Stansted after burning off a load of fuel and emptying its human waste tanks over Canvey Island.

Engineers at the North Essex airport managed to remove her sovereign from the engine before the passengers were able to continue their journey.