Tourism officials, business owners and holidaymakers in Southend are buzzing today after the announcement that flights are due to launch from London Southend Airport to destinations all over the world – it is estimated that the flights could generate an extra £30bn per year for the South Essex economy while also creating anything up to 100,000 new jobs for local people. According to travel experts, the ability to fly to New York, Australia, Johannesburg and more without having to travel to Heathrow or Gatwick could establish the airport as the top choice for flyers from all over the United Kingdom.

Dr Marvin Flapton is an expert in Travel Economical Science from the University of Barling Magna, and he said: ‘This is massive, massive, MASSIVE news for both the airport and everyone else in Southend. From now on, you will be able to turn up at Southend Airport, get on a flight to Amsterdam, get off, and then board another flight to literally ANYWHERE on the planet. Just picture it! Southend to Schipol and then the world is your oyster. You won’t even need to collect your bags and check them in for your connecting flight, as long as you don’t mind not having them for the rest of your trip, and if you just have hand luggage for a holiday to Australia the whole process will be effortless. These are truly exciting times!’

Shortly after the announcement, a spokesperson from C2C contacted Southend News Network to say that the rail network is excited about offering services to towns and cities all over the country. He said: ‘From this day forward, the whole of the United Kingdom will be within reach of C2C travellers with just one, two or three London Underground journeys required from Tower Hill, as well as a short walk from Fenchurch Street and then a small number of connecting National Rail services from an alternative London terminus. We have listened to customer feedback over our new timetable and the message is clear that we need to do more to improve the customer experience – nothing can do this better than giving our passengers the opportunity to travel far and wide.’



  1. A new tunnel is being built through the Leigh area. As to the local sink holes and plummet in property, this is a feasible project.