Football Historians have been celebrating today after finding what they claim is evidence that VAR was used in the Premier League in 2013.

Professor Herbert Hairdryer originally uncovered the archive image at the University of South Salford, and he told us that the system would have taken roughly the same amount of time to come to a decision as the hi-tech version that is in place today.

He said, ‘We have analysed the evidence, and this primitive VAR system would have involved the officials receiving an initial verbal communication from the touchline in the event of a borderline decision.’

‘As an example, if the fourth official was having difficulty calculating the amount of time to be added on for stoppages at the end of a match, a giant red light would indicate that the system had been activated.’

‘In some footage taken from that particular era, you can clearly hear, ‘It’s eight fucking minutes laddy. You stick eight fucking minutes on I’ll unchain Luke Chadwick and set him on you.’

‘After further analysis, it has also emerged that the system was in use when Manchester United played Arsenal at Old Trafford in 2003 and Patrick Vieira was sent off for bringing his raised foot within ten miles of Ruud Van Nistelrooy.’

‘The referee was originally going to just have a quiet word, but the flashing red light was activated and within nanoseconds the Dutch international reacted like he had been taken out at close range with an anti-aircraft missile.’

‘A second yellow card was issued, and referee Steve Bennett indicated in his match report that Vieira should not only be banned, but also that the FA should personally euthanise the entire Arsenal squad and award the match to United with a scoreline of 300-0.’