The football world is in a deep state of shock tonight after it was revealed that fans who routinely refer to themselves as ‘y**s’ were allegedly engaging in racist behaviour.

According to a number of Tottenham Hotspur fans, the term isn’t actually racist because they are using it as a ‘defence mechanism’ and they have a strong Jewish fanbase.

This is in the same way that many other football teams all over the world regularly get away with using a disgraceful racial slur because they are using it in the most positive way – like when the prime minister of a supposedly developed nation refers to Muslim women as ‘looking like letterboxes’ because it’s all like empowering and shit.

We asked one Spurs fan if thousands of people screaming ‘Y**s, Y**s, Y**s’ is actually OK if other Jewish non-Spurs fans are also exposed to it.

He said, ‘Yes, because we have been doing it for ages.’

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Premier League has vowed to crackdown on the alleged racist behaviour during the Spurs – Chelsea game in the strongest possible terms.

According to reports, there is a strong rumour that stadium officials will be given the authority to deploy a ‘fourth tannoy announcement.’