A spokesperson for The Oxford Dictionary Federation of Words and Wording has confirmed that an emergency resolution has been passed to stop the recent trending word ‘gammon’ entering the dictionary as a derogatory term – ‘racist c**t’ will now be the official equivalent.

Over the last three months, the word has gained popularity for describing someone who voted for Brexit in order to send people home to where they came from even if this place isn’t within the European Union.

However, a statement from TODFOWW today stated that ‘racist c**t’ will be applicable with immediate effect, and the next edition of the dictionary will include an illustration of a 56-year-old man sitting in a Question Time audience who looks like he is on the verge of having an aneurysm because Jeremy Corbyn refuses to nuke Narnia.

Representatives of the pork industry welcomed the news.

The dictionary’s Nigel Birchanger-Interchange added, ‘There will be those who are grossly offended by the term ‘racist c**t,’ and so we would like to point out that ‘hateful c**t will also be an acceptable piece of terminology.’