A gender equality campaigner from London has received universal praise from both men and women on the Internet for having a ‘smashing pair of knockers.’

21-year-old activist Philomena Smythe-Smythe released a video on her Facebook page on Wednesday morning entitled: ‘It’s time for change in our schools,’ and within an hour more than 2,000 people commented that she had a monumentally brilliant duo of knockers.

Responding to the claims, she said: ‘I am both disgusted and delighted in equal measure.’

‘Not only am I getting thousands of comments from men who are clearly dying to have a jolly old motorboat on my fun bags, but I have also been inundated with ladies saying that I have the shirt potatoes that dreams are made of.’

‘Some of these women are clearly straight as well, so I am struggling with feminine empowerment and mortifying harassment at the same time.’

One Facebook user said: ‘You don’t get many of them to the pound do you? What a fantastic example of breasts that all young women can aspire to.’

‘I wish there had been positive role models like her when I was growing up.’

She then typed a series of emojis to give the impression of burying her face deep in her cleavage and making a sort of wobble-wobble noise.

Andrea Mound of the campaign group Equal Equality Now said: ‘We are both delighted and outraged by the reaction to Ms or Mrs or Miss Smythe-Smythe’s breasts.’

‘We are currently preparing a file that will be sent to both the Metropolitan Police and Loose Women.’