A Gender Reveal video on Facebook has simply revealed that both of the parents concerned are twats. 

Nathaniel and Melanie Fuch-Weet started planning their audiovisual extravaganza five years before they found out that they were expecting.

Melanie added, ‘We wanted our Gender Reveal to be truly memorable, and so to let everyone know that we would be having a little girl (as opposed to a fully grown one) we bought a pony and started feeding it pink marshmallows morning, noon and night.’

’We carried on for two weeks, before putting a little horn on its head because unicorns are so in right now.’

’When the big day finally arrived, we set up a camera and disembowelled it in 4K, and the resulting pink splooge made sure that nobody was left in any doubt about the baby’s gender.’

’We have already thought of a name, but we won’t be letting everyone know until at least five days after the birth as the whole experience is an incredibly private thing and we don’t want to plaster it all over social media.’

A distant cousin of Nathaniel posted, ‘Great effort on the video, but I still honestly don’t give a flying fuck.’

’It’s not like it’s a toaster in there. You can’t send it back if it’s the wrong one.’