After months of training and social media posting, 24-year-old Chloe De La Bellette from Thames Drive in Leigh has admitted that she is ‘hugely excited’ about taking part in the London Marathon.

She has dedicated her run over the iconic 26.2 miles to herself and the thousands of fans who have been following her progress on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

We caught up with her as she was finishing her final practice run with a Chai Latte from Le Pamplemousse Confondu Deli near Leigh Broadway, and our Chief Reporter was keen to find out more about how she stays motivated to run the distance.

Ms De La Bellette said: ‘I decided to run the London Marathon for myself as there are already loads of people doing it for charity, and hundreds of people have sponsored me which is amazing.’

‘The money will go towards opening a sports clothing boutique in Leigh exclusively for women like myself who struggle to find flattering sports clothing in sizes 6-8.’

‘I’m not really doing the race as a fitness challenge as I already look bloody fantastic, and the support for my cause on social media has been unbelievable.

‘I have someone who takes my training photos for me that get shared thousands of times as my bottom looks like two peaches fighting to escape from a balloon, and it is really helping to spread the word about the huge challenges that I have had to overcome to get this far.’

She added: ‘I have a smartphone app and a Bluetooth wristband that track my progress and post updates to all of my pages every 20 seconds, and everyone is really supportive.’

‘At the same time, people can post messages of support and they are read to me through my headphones – this is the most amazing motivation.’

‘On a really horrible run last week, one of my fans posted that he would love to plough me into the middle of next July, and the thought that guys find my look really hot was a massive boost to my self-confidence.’

‘Sorry guys, but I’m taken at the moment, and my boyfriend has promised to keep an eye on his phone to see how I get on – love you loads Tobias!’