A 22-year-old girl who does fitness and keto and whatever has been roaming the streets and forcing everyone to look at her rock-hard abdomen while pouting during the Instagram outage.

At one stage, Kelly Lugnutz was also witnessed grabbing an overweight stranger and forcing her to stand at her side while holding up the hashtag ‘#throwbackwednesday’ on the back of a corn flakes packet.

She said, ‘I’ve not worked out since all this technical trouble started.’

‘I have more than 500,000 followers who are definitely interested in my fitness and nutrition insights and most definitely not just using my five-second boomerang videos for a cheeky five-knuckle shuffle.’

‘Thought that there weren’t 5000 different ways to demonstrate a plank? Think again.’

Shortly after the network returned on Thursday morning, Ms Lugnutz made an emotionally charged ten-minute video about how the whole experience of losing Instagram for twelve hours had left her emotionally scarred while wearing a low-cut top.

It currently has 34,543 likes.