A 24-year-old girl from Southend On Sea has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after she shared a post about cancer awareness instead of cutting and pasting it as per the incredibly passive aggressive last line of the piece of drivel. 

Judge Elaine Justice Custis passed a custodial sentence for leisure, tourism and beauty lecturer Michelle Garridge and said that her actions ‘could have had disastrous consequences for humanity.’

She said, ‘What on Earth were you thinking of? Everyone knows that the button on Facebook that says ‘Share’ is purely for show.’

’Because of your reckless actions, that very inciteful post showing how a lump of Camembert represents society’s struggle against melanoma may only be seen by 26 of your friends because we all have insider knowledge of Facebook’s new algorithm.’

’By the way, when you enter your PIN backwards the police will come and 96% of you won’t share this. Fuck off.’