A spokesperson for the British pop sensations Girls Aloud has announced that the group will be renamed as ‘Girls Allowed’ for a forthcoming reunion comeback tour in order to appeal to people on Facebook who can’t fucking spell.

Cheryl Whateverthisweek and her pals are due to play at twenty-five venues all over the United Kingdom as part of their latest tour.

He said, ‘We have conducted extensive market research, and we found that our core demographic is mums who post in Facebook groups along with the sentence ‘sorry if this isn’t aloud.’

For example, ‘Sorry if this isnt aloud but does anyone know when Friday is this week as I have lost my phone and dont have any credit until the weekend? TIA xxx’

‘Well of course it isn’t aloud – it’s a post on Facebook. You can’t hear it, can you?’

‘You may hear it if you are one of those people who has to announce every single word while they type, but then again you may also be the sort of person who uses apostrophes like Haribo.’

The news comes in the same week when the producers of ITV’s Loose Women reportedly threw their hands in the air, screamed ‘fuck it’ and just renamed the show ‘Lose Women.’

To try and get the point across for the renamed show, there is a rumour that they will try and ‘lose’ Janet Street-Porter, preferably down the Grand Canyon.

The International Criminal Court in The Hague will rule next week about a claim that ‘he’s’ is no longer required when ‘his’ sounds exactly the same.