Two girls from London have shared a carefully filtered image of two cocktails on Facebook as they are under the impression that it’s the greatest achievement in the history of human civilisation. 

Shortly before 12pm on Sunday, Michelle Garridge posted:

Michelle Garridge is drinking alcohol with Tatiana Fuch-Weet at Some Overpriced Shoreditch Drinking Pit – Just enjoying some cheeky drinkies with my bestie girlie #bestestbestiegirlieinthewholeworld #bestestbestestgirlieinthewholeworld #cheekydrinkie #fuckmemyexistenceisonesoullessvoidthatcanonlybefilledwith£19.95cocktailsthathavewankyumbrellas in

Michelle added, ‘It’s true. Any word in the English language can have ‘ie’ added to it. Because that’s how words work. My bae says so.’

We asked Ms Garridge what was so fucking cheeky about it.

She said, ‘It implies that we are doing it quickly before getting back to doing something productive.’

’Nah just kidding – we’ll be sat here till Love Island comes on.’

A spokesperson for the Nobel Prize foundation confirmed that the pair have been shortlisted.