A number of car dealers in Leigh On Sea have admitted that they are giving ‘serious thought’ to groundbreaking proposals that will allow them to park vehicles for sale on double yellow lines outside their showrooms. According to a leaked email that has been seen by Southend News Network, council bosses have ‘conceded defeat’ in the battle against these cars being left in illegal parking spaces, and they want to take a 25% share of the sale price when a vehicle is left on double yellow lines for more than eight hours.

Trevor Partager is in charge of the Southend Parking Retailer Infringement Coalition (SPRIC), and he feels that the revenue-share scheme is both fair and legal. He said: ‘We receive hundreds of complaints every single week from residents who are fed up with used car dealers that leave their stock illegally parked all over the place, and while our proposals won’t address this issue they will generate extra income for the local authority. Dealers will be issued with a maximum of 60 permits per month, and all details will be carefully logged on a daily basis to ensure that all sales are processed fairly. While we will collect an extra 5% for all cars that are left close to junctions and crossings that are used by schoolchildren, we would encourage all dealers to use the scheme responsibly.’

Gerald Lastname lives in Leigh Court Drive Gardens close to the junction with London Road, and he has admitted that he is OUTRAGED. He said: ‘I have 13 used car showrooms within 25ft of my flat, and parking is a nightmare at the best of times. I don’t have a car personally, but whenever I open my curtains all I can see are brightly-coloured plastic window stickers with messages like ‘ONE CAREFUL OWNER’ and ‘IDEAL FIRST CAR.’ Some of the grammar and punctuation is appealing, and I have already started a petition to get this scheme scrapped.’