A spokesperson for the British government has confirmed that the National Curriculum includes the learning of Arabic numerals for all children from the age of three and up.

A Southend News Network investigation has also revealed that thousands of classrooms across the country have large displays that show the digits that children are now being forced to learn.

An Ofsted source said, ‘Our guidelines make it perfectly clear.’

‘In the interests of high standards of numeracy and cultural awareness, children of all ages must be familiar with the system of Arabic numerals from the earliest possible age.’

‘Without this vital knowledge, they will find it very difficult to function in society.’

One parent, David Fuch-Weet from Southend On Sea, told Southend News Network that he will shortly be withdrawing his children from school over the issue.

He added, ‘The government’s multicultural, leftist and marxist agenda has gone too far now, and I will be withdrawing my children from school at the earliest possible opportunity.’

‘I will sit down with them and follow the old-fashioned 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 method that I am used to.’

‘It worked for me and my parents, and my grandparents too.’

‘My grandfather fought for this country in the Second World War, and he would turn in his grave if he knew how liberal and politically correct our schools had become.’

‘Millions didn’t give their lives for this. It’s a disgrace.’

A spokesperson for the organisation Binary Users Against Extremism suggested that schools should ditch the Arabic numerals system and adopt their method instead.

01110100010010001 1110110101010100 of the BUAE added, ‘011010101001010111010100101011001010101011010101010100101010101001000100010100101010101.’

While getting visible agitated about the issue, he went on to say, ‘0001011010101110001010101010101010101010101010110001010101010010101010010010101010010101001010.’