This classroom was recently empty for a whole day due to incredibly heavy traffic in Rochford and Ashingdon.

A spokesperson for the UK government has confirmed that parents will be fined if their children are forced to miss school because it is closed over Coronavirus issues.

Jeremiah Fuch-Weet, who is a junior minister at the Department For Education, told a press conference that the local authorities would be ‘cracking down.’

He added, ‘Your child’s school being closed is no excuse for them missing out on vital elements of their education, such as World Book Day, Sport Relief, World Book Relief, Sport Day, the PTA’s Chocolate And Glucose Extravaganza Even Though You Can Get Reported To The Social For Putting A Penguin In Their Lunchbox, group colouring-in, and so on.’

‘Therefore, as soon as it is confirmed that a school has shut due to a potential or confirmed case of Coronavirus, £50 fixed-penalty notices will be automatically issued to all parents.’

‘This sum will automatically increase to £80 if it isn’t paid three days before the letter arrives.’

Southend mum Michelle Garridge told our Chief Reporter that she would have no option but to send her kids into school wearing ‘those white suits from ET.’

She added, ‘The terms of my zero-hours contract make the situation perfectly clear.’

‘I am entitled to reasonable time off when my kids’ school is shut, but I won’t get paid for it, or have a job to go back to.’