The final plans have now been submitted to the Department of Transport for the management of traffic at the A13 and A127 junctions with the M25 motorway – the controversial proposals include closing either one or both junctions when traffic becomes heavy on the approach to the London Orbital Motorway.

The M25 – South Essex Corridor 2020 Proposals include the installation of a Smart Junction Management System that will monitor traffic queues around both junctions, and each of the junctions will automatically close when sensors detect that there is excessive congestion so that motorists can head towards the other.

In the event that both junctions become congested, both of them will close and motorists will then be advised to find an alternative route through London. Phase 1 of the project is almost complete at the A13 exit towards the M25, and Phases 2-4 will commence once these plans have been given the final government seal of approval.

Minister for Essex Road Development Lance Boyle spoke to Southend News Network to explain why the proposals are ‘fantastic news’ for Essex motorists.

He said: ‘Over the last few months, many drivers have come to a complete standstill along the final mile of the A13 before the M25 exit, and at the same time the A127-M25 junction has been completely clear – it is obvious that drastic action is needed to keep traffic flowing freely towards the M25.’

‘We have invested heavily in information screens along both the A13 and the A127 so that motorists can be given plenty of advanced warning when one of the junctions is shut – this would have been valuable this morning when those horses escaped and caused miles of tailbacks in the area.’

‘In the event that both junctions are closed, an emergency telephone number will then be displayed on information boards that motorists can call to find the best possible route that avoids the M25. The proposals include a number of alternatives for South Essex residents who want to travel to Heathrow or Gatwick without using a single metre of motorway, but these will only be communicated when the junctions close.’

‘On the whole, hundreds of thousands of pounds will be saved in toll fees every single year as South Essex drivers will be directed away from the Dartford Crossing during busier periods.’