A source who is closely involved in the filming for the smash-hit BBC TV show Great British Bake Off has confirmed that filming was sensationally SUSPENDED during ‘Brownie Week’ in April over ‘concerning behaviour.’

According to the member of staff who works in the production tech team, the show was halted ‘immediately’ when concerns were raised over the actions of some contestants and staff members who had eaten one of the entries.

Cops were called when a show runner noticed that the on-site snack van had been ransacked, and one unnamed contestant allegedly locked themselves in a trailer and played Reach For The Stars by S-Club 7 at full volume on a continuous loop for eleven hours.

Our source said: ‘All of the remaining contestants finished their amazing-looking brownies, just like any other week on the show, and naturally I cannot say who was the Star Baker as that would get me in a lot of trouble. However, it is traditional for everyone on the set to enjoy whatever is made once the cameras stop rolling, and this is where things started to get really crazy.’

‘About 30 minutes after filming was completed and everyone had started tucking in to the brownies, I saw that a couple of the contestants were just staring into the distance and looking a little bit odd. A sound technician kept asking me for Orange Tango and Quavers, and a researcher spent 20 minutes almost passing out from laughter while looking at my Tom and Jerry t-shirt – this is when I realised that something was a bit odd.’

‘An emergency meeting was called and thankfully all baked goods were found before any of them reached the hosting team of the show – that would have been a certain lawsuit so I remember feeling hugely relieved at that point.’

According to our source, a complete investigation is now underway into how ‘irregular ingredients’ could have made it onto the site where the show is filmed.’

Campaigners have already started calling for stricter regulation of reality TV shows as this is just the latest shameful incident in a long line that has plagued this particular genre of entertainment in recent years. BBC Four’s Britain’s Next Master Cheese Crafter was removed from the schedules back in March after it was revealed that three of the contestants were abusing methamphetamines in order to ‘maintain the levels of focus that are necessary to perform in such a high-octane environment.’