Southend resident Cliff Poynter is demanding that Southend Borough Council urgently inspects the town’s tower blocks to assess safety after the horrific loss of life at Grenfell Tower in London.

“It is appalling that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea allowed unscrupulous landlords, budget cuts and red tape to put human beings in such danger” said Cliff to our reporter.

“The sooner our council can reassure residents they have nothing to worry about, the sooner they can get on with clearing the cliffs of these rough sleepers who are camping here.

“Honestly, they make the gardens so unsightly and the noise of them fending off muggers and thieves is worse than the foxes.

“I know they have to sleep somewhere, but I wish I couldn’t see their tents from my bedroom window. It really spoils the sunset view and puts me off my chardonnay”.

Southend shoppers rushed to new cafe Molo Lounge last week to try out the latest coffee shop on offer.

The 322nd coffee shop in the high street promises an exciting and different experience to the ones shoppers have had in the 321 other coffee shops so far.

“I love it when a new coffee shop opens” said Laura Bean to our reporter, “it gives me the chance to ditch the friendships I’ve made with the baristas in the last shop who knew exactly what I wanted and helps me learn new and exotic words for the same drinks I’ve always had.

“They must be better than the ones I had before because they cost twice as much”.

On noticing that Miss Bean’s baby was lying naked in their pushchair, our reporter commented on the current heat wave sweeping Britain.

“I bet it’s too hot for your baby to wear anything in this heat”, commented our reporter.

“Oh no” said Laura, “I think they’re a bit chilly actually, but we can’t find any clothes for them in the shops down here.

“It’s a bit shit this high street really.”