Have you spotted this ghostly vehicle around Southend?

Since the beginning of this week, Southend News Network has received a number of reports that a ghostly car dressed in white has been spotted all over the town, and also that a terrifying tentacle can be seen sticking out from its roof.

Mavis Hype, 43, Westcliff, got in touch to let us know what she saw. She said, ‘I accidentally parked on some yellow zig-zag lines 32 seconds before the parking restrictions were relaxed, and all of a sudden I saw a white car creeping towards me. It stopped opposite my car, paused for about 10 seconds, and then drove off.’

A number of other local residents have told us about similar behaviour, and it would also appear that the spooky vehicle can often be seen near schools in the borough. Percy Percival, 56, Chalkingdon, is concerned about the effect that it may have on children.

He said, ‘My youngest grandson is only seven years old, and earlier in October he walked out of school and saw this ghost car that everyone keeps talking about. He still wakes up at 3am every night screaming about the black tentacle of judgement. He starts regular sessions with a child psychologist next week.’

‘His mum has also received a letter with a photograph of her own car at the time that little Jimmy saw the ghostly vehicle – it’s like living in a horror movie and they were demanding money for something or other as well.’



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