In the wake of the sad news of the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking at the age of 76 earlier today, it has been revealed that his final theory was that Jeremy Hunt is a ‘twat’ who will probably end up privatising the NHS anyway.

His findings are due to be published later this year by the Oxford University Press, and a draft has been sent to Southend News Network.

It says, ‘I may have the combined IQ of 5000 Premier League footballers, but you don’t have to be bloody Einstein to realise that Jeremy Hunt is a Grade A Thundertwat who seems to think that the NHS is a prime candidate for private ownership.’

‘I applied a number of different principles of Quantum Physics to published reports from the Ministry of Health during Hunt’s time in power, and I concluded that they were mainly ‘bollocks.’

‘By cross-referencing these findings with basic cosmology theory, I can accurately predict that a £400 gajillion sale of the whole lot to a consortium led by Richard Branson and Skeletor will be blocked by the highest court of the land by a judge who sums up by asking Mr Hunt to take a long walk off Southend Pier.’

‘Preferably when the tide is in and the SS Montgomery wreck starts to erode.’

‘I had a few minutes spare one day, so I also looked into the idea of merging numerous Accident and Emergency Departments to have a single facility covering a large area.’

‘By assessing the cosmic radiation that is given out when a black hole is formed, I calculated that this idea is a large pile of shit as well.’

‘Then again, most three year olds with an unhealthy obsession with Mr Tumble would come to the same conclusion as well.’