As part of our ongoing investigation into the de-Christianification of the United Kingdom, we have identified a number of local councils who have banned Easter this year.

According to reports, there are concerns about offending minorities.

We would urge you to write to them and express your disgust.

Sodor Island Council
Pontypandy Parish Council
Westeros County Council
Nightgardenshire County Council
Tubbyland District Council
Whitbury Newtown Council
Weatherfield Town Council
Walford East Council
Crinkley Bottom Village Council
Shoe Town Council
Pingubury District Council
Pigeon Street Traders Association
Button Moon Lunar Council
Wherever they filmed Mr Benn
Chuggington Municipal Council
Roddington Town Council
Janebury Town Council
Freddyville Town Council
Greendale Parish Council
Jimbo And The Jet Set Airport Authority
Poddington Council Of Peas
Tumbleshire County Council
Everywhere Else

A representative of the Local Council Alliance said, ‘Council’s have the option of organising Spring Festival events instead that have no religious backing to them.’

‘For example, an Easter Egg Hunt works just as well as a Sausage Scramble where organisers hide sausages all over a large area and the children have to find the sausages that have been hidden.’

Meanwhile, a bakery in one of the affected areas has caused controversy by selling Islam-themed pastries alongside the more traditional hot cross buns.

Malcolm Jakery of Jakery’s Bakery in Chuggington told us that the crescent-shaped snacks are in demand all year round.