A leading professor of political science at the University of Foulness has told Southend News Network that it is possible for the United Kingdom to keep all the benefits of EU membership after March 2019.

According to Professor David Ardknox, the solution is simple, and he can’t believe that it hasn’t already been considered by the government.

He said, ‘All we have to do is not leave the European Union.’

‘Our MEPs simply have to sit down in the European Parliament and pretend that the whole referendum thing didn’t happen.’

‘Nigel Farage can step out of the shower and realise that it has all been some sort of dream, while Vladimir Putin hands him a hair brush and a towel.’

‘Put up a few more Union Jacks around the place, make Jacob Rees-Mogg Minister for Workhouses and we’re laughing.’

A spokesperson for 10 Downing Street said, ‘Way ahead of you all.’

‘Mrs May has already thought of this. That’s why her original Article 50 letter to Donald Tusk was signed by one ‘Amanda Huggenkiss.’