It has been revealed that fight fans can save £20 on this weekend’s super fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather by simply standing outside their local Wetherspoons  and waiting for the first street brawl to kick off between an Irish fella and a black dude.

In some areas of the United Kingdom such as Southend On Sea, it is reported that the average waiting time for an altercation of this nature on Saturday nights is around 64 seconds.

It is therefore advisable to purchase a kebab and fight a good viewing spot at the earliest possible opportunity.

Your mate who was both the biggest tosser at school and coincidentally a massive fan of UFC added: ‘I don’t know why Sky Sports can’t just stick an outside broadcast truck in front of The Last Post and wait for it all to get a bit aggy.’

‘Along with the toe-to-toe action you will usually get a couple of ladies swinging handbags at each other for added value for money.’

With many people eagerly anticipating what has been described by Sky Sports as ‘the biggest fucking thing in the history of everything, ever,’ it has now been announced that more pay-per-view cross-sport events are on the cards.

Talks are underway for Mo Farah to take on Jimmy White in a 21-frame showdown at Wembley Arena, and tickets for the one-off Rugby Union fixture between the England Ladies Hockey and Netball teams have already sold out.

It has also been rumoured that Colchester United are to face an unconfirmed opponent in what would be their first ever football fixture.