As the editor and owner of Southend News Network, I am probably one of the most attention-seeking narcissists that you will ever have the misfortune to meet.

Every time I have something that really takes off in social media, I get a warm tingle inside that is almost sexual in nature. Don’t tell the Mrs, but sometimes if I need to ‘seal the deal’ nice and quickly I will just imagine my real-time statistics in Google Analytics hitting 1000 live viewers, and ‘boom’ goes the dynamite.

Anyway, enough rambling, I have a small favour to ask you all.

Last year, I created a meme in support of our precious paramedics and the work that they do, and it is incredibly close to receiving one million shares. Over 850,000 so far.

I am asking everyone who reads this post to share the image above on their own Facebook by clicking on the curved arrow button. Alternatively, you can also share it from here.

I could lie to you all and say that I want this to hit a million because I am desperate to raise awareness of our much-pressed emergency services and the fine work that they carry out, but the reality is that I will become the most unbearable of big-headed tits if I am able to put ‘Created a meme that was shared one million times’ on my CV.

On that inevitable day when Southend News Network goes down in a blaze of glory in some courtroom somewhere, probably with The Hopkins present for one reason or another, I am going to need every bit of help that I can get.

Perhaps you could also chuck a few quid in the direction of Essex and Herts Air Ambulance while you are at it as well?