According to statistics that have just been made available to us, we can exclusively confirm that precisely zero England flags have been removed by police for being racist so far in 2018. 

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Rien. Fuck all. Nitto. Netto. Notto. Nutto. Natto.

We can also confirm that anyone claiming otherwise on social media is a hamster-faced gammon of the highest order who probably thinks that ‘moslem’ is the correct spelling.

However, there may have been incidents where someone has been arrested for racially-aggravated offences while wearing an England flag, and these have mainly been down to the offender doing something racially-aggravated while wearing it.

It’s the equivalent of getting nicked for throwing bananas at a group of local black children while wearing an Atari t-shirt, and then posting on Facebook that ‘you carnt evan wear Atari now because its rassist.’

Yeah, the liberal cuck lefties want to ban Pac-Man and Bubble Bobble as well. Forget about the Rainbow Islands as well because the LGBT crowd want to ban that.

Here’s a thought. The next time that you see a post on Facebook claiming that the author has been told to remove a flag because it’s offensive or racist, the likelihood is that either a) it’s bollocks designed to have you picketing your local Mosque, or b) that they were doing something else that was illegal at the same time.