Thousands of boxing fans all over the UK are getting ready for one of the sports biggest ever fights by declaring that they want Tyson Fury to ‘smash that bigot’ Anthony Joshua, conveniently forgetting that Fury also said some pretty bigoted shit comparing homosexuality to paedophilia.

According to experts, this incredible double-standard may have the teeniest, tiniest, ickle, bickle, wickle bit to do with the fact that Joshua is a black man.

Boxing mega fan Mike Siyuenti said, ‘When AJ made that speech in Watford at that rally thing, my estimation of the man plummeted.’

‘He told everyone to boycott ‘their’ businesses, and it’s completely obvious who he was referring to.’

‘I mean, his promoter is Eddie Hearn, that well-known member of the black community, so yeah that must have been a pre-meditated racist attack and most definitely not an ill-advised reading of a pre-prepared script that possibly could have been worded a bit more tactfully given the highly emotive international climate at the moment.’

‘Sorry my mind is made up on this. If you consider that single sentence and completely ignore the rest of the speech about people of every race and creed coming together to fight racism, then yeah he’s a massive fucking racist.’

We asked Mr Siyuenti if he also had strong views about Tyson Fury’s bigoted comments in the past.

He said, ‘Well that’s all in the past innit. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.’