Around 100 firefighters are currently attending the Houses of Parliament after the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling managed to burn the historic buildings to the ground while making a pancake for Shrove Tuesday. 

According to sources, Grayling flipped one into a flammable ceiling tile, before spending the next 20 minutes trying to work out who he had awarded the building’s private firefighting contract to.

One source added, ‘He went a bit heavy on the Crisp ‘n’ Dry, so this was inevitable really.’

’As soon as it came into contact with the polythene it was curtains.’

’To be fair he was probably distracted by the pink pancake that Boris was showing him through the skylight on top of his office.’

A Downing Street spokesperson confirmed that while the premises are being rebuilt, MPs will meet daily in a local Greggs, with The Lords convening in a branch of Prêt.